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Springtime dangers for motorists

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Personal Injury

Spring has sprung in the Northern hemisphere. While everyone is overjoyed to experience the gentle breezes and warmer temperatures, the season also ushers in some driving hazards motorists must be aware of.

Read on to learn how you can keep your family safer this spring.

Look out for bicyclists and motorcyclists

After a wet and dreary winter, children and adults are heading back out on bikes and motorcycles. Drivers should remain alert and watchful when they must share lanes with these two-wheelers to prevent deadly accidents.

Spring-breakers clog the roads

When local high schools and universities close for spring break, young people take to the highways in droves. Some head for the coast, while others stick closer to destinations nearer to their Tacoma homes. Either way, there are more young, inexperienced drivers on the highways during this time, so beware of higher collision rates.

Wildlife is waking up

Spring birthing is occurring right now, and animals are awakening from a winter’s slumber. That means that there is a heightened chance of encountering wildlife on the road in spring. Hitting a deer or other large wild animal can wreak havoc on a vehicle and its occupants.

Kids playing outside

Whether it’s a pick-up game of wiffle ball or the neighborhood kids on skateboards, the milder weather is a sure lure for children. Drivers should reduce speeds when passing through neighborhoods filled with children.

Road glare increases

As the days lengthen, the sun’s position on the horizon creates a visual hazard. Drivers can cause serious accidents due to obscured visibility on the roads.

Learn about compensation after a collision

If you or your family member gets injured in an auto accident, learning more about your rights when seeking compensation from the at-fault driver is always prudent.