Dan tried to tell his kids he wrote legal briefs while walking four miles barefoot in the snow every day–but they’re too smart for that.


  • Oak Brook College of Law & Government Policy, Fresno, California
    • J.D. - 04/2003

Dan Cook


Dan is a well-respected litigator, practicing law in Washington since 2004. He is a former Pro Tem Commissioner in Pierce County Superior Court. Dan has been named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers for several years and is a highly-rated by Avvo. Dan has handled successful appeals, argued hundreds of show cause motions and tried dozens of cases. Dan practices in all areas of family law with outstanding results. That’s great because you want a successful litigator. Of course, you would also want a successful surgeon if your battle with gangrene requires amputation of a limb. Dan believes if given the option most people would prefer a doctor smart and skilled enough to diagnose and avoid the disease before it gets that far. Dan is that kind of lawyer. He helps you shape your outcome with intelligent cost-effective resolutions before reaching a gangrenous level. But if your former spouse is a flesh-eating monster with whom there is no rational negotiation, Dan has the strength and experience to take them on in court.


  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Child Support
  • Garnishment and Collections
  • Appeals

Practices Styles

Your relationship with Dan and the Alliance Law Group team should be the best part of your experience with the legal system. No lawyer without the power to leap tall buildings in a single bound can eliminate all the frustration and anxiety of the legal process. So you won’t hear Dan say everything will be heart-shaped daisies and magical unicorns when you’re dealing with inflexible case schedules, stern judges and psychotic former spouses. But even without actual super powers Dan believes you deserve timely, meaningful communication and an attorney who will empower you with as much control as possible.

After Five

Dan is married to another family law attorney, although they work in different firms or they probably would not still be married. He grew up as the oldest of ten siblings and has three children of his own. You’ll see recent pictures of his entire family in his office and his deep devotion to family helps him empathize with his clients and their children. In his free time he loves running, biking, hiking and cooking. He loves the Seahawks and Mariners but grew up near Philly and is fiercely loyal so you’ll still find him rooting for the Eagles and Phillies when they come to town.