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3 tips to improve co-parenting 

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2024 | Family Law

Many divorcing couples never have to see each other again. That’s probably not going to be the case if you share kids. You will need to work together for years to raise your children and perhaps support them in their adult life.

The extent of your cooperation will vary. Some divorced couples chat regularly about the children, sit at school events together and invite each other over to the house for their kids’ birthdays, while others cannot stand the sight of each other.

Here are some things you can do to make it work better:

1. Do it for the children

It’s crucial to put your children’s best interests first. You should, of course, be careful not to expose yourself to physical or emotional harm when dealing with the other parent, but you should do what you can to make the co-parenting relationship work.

2. Be prepared to compromise

You cannot always get what you want, so the sooner you both look for the middle ground on issues, the better for all concerned. Start during the divorce itself. The more extreme the stances you take over matters such as how to split parenting time and payments from one parent to the other, the harder it will be to work together later.

3. Know your rights

Some people can be incredibly manipulative, and that likely won’t change just because you divorce them. Even if your spouse is not that way inclined, understanding your rights and the likely decisions a court would make in any given situation can help you get the custodial and parenting rights you are due. Your child needs you both.