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How can your smartphone help in the aftermath of a crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Personal Injury

Car crash claims are often fiercely contested. Both drivers want to ensure any resultant costs are covered and avoid their insurance premiums rising too much. Both insurers want to limit payouts and protect their shareholder’s profits.

Gathering evidence to show the fault was the other driver’s, not yours, will be crucial to this, and your smartphone can help you collect it if you are still physically able to. Here is how:

Call for help

Calling the police is a legal requirement except in the most minor of crashes, so it is best to do so anyway. You might also want to call a friend or family member to come and assist you or meet you at the hospital.

Take photos

Snap photos of the crash scene, of the damage to all the vehicles involved and of the road and weather conditions. Photos of any injuries you incur can also help. 

Write or record notes

Most people go into shock following a crash, and that can make it hard to think straight. It can also make it harder to remember things later. Using your phone as a dictaphone or to write down things can help you recall details that your legal team may be able to use to support your case.

You can also use it to note down contact details for anyone who witnessed the crash, as well as the insurance details of the other driver.

Details you may think insignificant at the time could be crucial to your claim. Collect what you can and then seek legal help to build your compensation claim.