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Divorce rate after marriage counseling

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Divorce

Marriage counseling is the most sought-after support tool for solving marital problems, but the really big question is, “Can marriage counseling preserve my marriage?” The answer to this question is usually dependable on several factors that are beyond the divorce counselor’s control. However, based on the 1990s Consumer reports that tested various types of therapy and found that marriage counseling was the least effective of them all, there have been doubts on the effectiveness of marriage counseling to date. In this article, we will look at the divorce rates after marriage counseling and why you should consult with a Tacoma Family Law Attorney about divorce problems.

What is Marriage Counseling?

The main objective of marriage counseling is to address the problems facing marriages and train the affected couples on how to effectively resolve these marital problems, such as loss of intimacy, parenting challenges, infidelity, and addiction. Marriage counseling also involves professional marriage and family therapists who help you identify, address, and communicate effectively with your partner. Moreover, marriage counseling helps teach you and your partner how to deal with small disagreements by strengthening their conflict resolution skills.

 When Does Marriage Counseling Work?

In most cases, couples are usually nervous about the idea of going through marriage counseling, especially when the objective behind the therapy is a conflict-driven relationship that could escalate under pressure. Some couples also worry that the counselor will take a side and further drive them apart. Many couples are also seeking other means of resolving marital conflicts as they believe going through marriage counseling is a sign of defeat. Nonetheless, here are some of the common factors to look for when undergoing marriage counseling:

  • Have long have you waited until finally considering marriage counseling? If the period is too long, so much damage will likely be done when they are unraveled.
  • Is there abuse or violence in the relationship? If there is, are you using marriage counseling to stop this physical assault or save your marriage?
  • What are you expecting out of marriage counseling? Are you looking forward to preserving your marriage? Or think your marriage isn’t working and want to dissolute it?
  • Is marriage counseling the right option to solve your marital problems?

 Can Marriage Counselling lead to divorce?

In some scenarios, marriage counseling works by convincing the couple that their relationship is unhealthy and encouraging them to end the relationship. According to some research, approximately 38% of couples who have undergone marriage counseling get divorced within four years after completing the therapy sessions. Plus, about a quarter of couples who have considered marriage counseling have admitted that their relationship has worsened within two years after completing therapy.


While there is evidence supporting marriage counseling as an effective way to deal with marital problems, there are still chances that marriage counseling could worsen the relationship and result in divorce. That said, you should contact the Alliance Law Group to talk with a well-experienced Tacoma family law attorney, who will provide will the needed professional expertise to reach a fair resolution.