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Can I request marriage counseling before divorce?

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Generally, there are two types of couples going through the process of marriage counseling. The first couple often has a mutual understanding of the problem(s) affecting their marriage and gladly seeks marriage counseling. On the other hand, the second couple is what therapists refer to as a mixed-agenda where one of the partners refuses to accept the other partner’s idea for marriage counseling.

However, it has been proven that going through marriage counseling can help prevent divorce. Approximately 97% of married couples who have undergone marriage counseling have admitted that it helped solve their marital problems. In this guide, we will help you request marriage counseling before divorce with the help of a Tacoma Family Law Attorney.

Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling Before Divorce

There are numerous benefits associated with going through marriage counseling before the divorce. The notable advantage of seeking marriage counseling before divorce is that it helps resolve your marital problems completely. Below are some of the other reasons you should consider marriage counseling before divorce:

  • Marriage counseling helps identify the problems affecting your marriage and provides you with reliable solutions and instructions on how to resolve conflict in a productive manner, how to express painful or negative emotions and resolve them appropriately.
  • Marriage counseling specifically targets the common marital problems regarding; childcare, cultural differences, infidelity, finances, drug or alcohol addiction, household responsibilities, and romantic or sexual issues.
  • Marriage counseling also provides a safe and conducive environment for both you and your partner to identify and solve the behaviors, issues, and feeling that are heavily contributing to the breakdown of your marriage.
  • One of the most notable benefits of seeking marriage counseling before divorce is that you safeguard your children’s future. Children suffer the most when their parents divorce. They also absorb this negative behavior, which will later cause them serious problems in their relationships in the future.
  • Spouses who divorced without seeking marriage counseling are usually unsure whether the marriage could have been saved. Thus, seeking marriage counseling before divorce help eliminates the doubt concerning whether divorce is the most suitable option to solving marital problems.
  • Seeking marriage counseling before the divorce will save you money in the long run. This is because going through the divorce proceeding is much more expensive than going for marriage counseling. Additionally, seeking marriage counseling after divorce will lead to more marital problems that will require more counseling hours and sessions; thus, you end up spending more money.
  • Even if marriage counseling does not preserve the marriage, several skills are acquired in the counseling process, such as better communication skills that can be applied to other romantic or personal relationships in the future.

Seeking marriage counseling before finalizing a divorce is important, as mentioned above. Moreover, there are instances where attending marriage counseling before the court orders divorce. It is often advisable to consult with an experienced family law attorney in such instances. To help you request marriage counseling before divorce, contact a Tacoma family law attorney at the Alliance Law Group.