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Dissolution Of Marriage in Washington

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2021 | Family Law

Dissolution of a marriage, also called divorce, is the formal, legal termination of a marriage by a judge. A dissolution of marriage ends your legal status as husband and wife. A divorce, unlike an annulment, does not “delete” the union as though it never existed. Instead, it is a legal end to the marriage, which is necessary if you or your partner want to end your marriage.

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How Do You Get A Dissolution Of Marriage?

One partner must file a divorce petition, also known as a petition for dissolution of marriage, to obtain a dissolution of marriage divorce. The dissolution of marriage form varies by state and is available on the website of your state court.

The form typically requests basic details about you and your spouse. These include

  • names,
  • addresses,
  • dates of birth and marriage, and
  • information about any minor children, as well as the reason for your divorce (termed the grounds for divorce; note that all states now have a no-fault ground available).

The individual filing (applicant) is often asked whether they are seeking custody, child care, spousal support, or property distribution.

In Washington, once the petition is filed, it should be legally served to the other spouse. The other spouse (who is presented with the petition) will then have the opportunity to respond and state whether they agree with the divorce papers. The complainant will need to file a more thorough complaint as the divorce process progresses, describing precisely what they ask for and why.

If the case doesn’t resolve, a trial will be held, whereby each side will present evidence and testimony on all of the issues at hand. If the case goes to trial, the whole process could take several months, if not more than a year, to complete.

When Is A Marriage Actually Dissolved?

When the court delivers a final judgment and injunction, the marriage is formally dissolved. The judge’s rulings on all of the case’s issues are included in this paper. The terms of the settlement are included in the judgment if the case is settled.

The day the judge signs the divorce order, your marriage is formally dissolved. The state will give you a certificate of dissolution, which is a legal document that proves your marriage is over.

Do You Need An Attorney?

If you and your partner consent, it can be relatively easy to move on with the divorce on your own or with the help of an online service. Nonetheless, it’s usually recommended that you speak with an attorney about your divorce case at least once. An attorney educates you about your rights and the available procedures in your state.

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