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What Is the Average Child Support Payment for One Child?

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Have you received a child support court order? You must be wondering what is the average child support payment for one child. Typically, the base monthly child support obligation for a parent is determined through Washington’s child support formula. The formula considers several factors, such as the parents’ income, number of children, and their ages.

If you reside in the Tacoma area, you can use the child support formula to calculate your payment obligation. Here is everything you need to know about how child support is calculated in Washington state.

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Child Support Formula

The child support formula is designed to cover the necessary, recurring costs of raising children. These include food, housing, and clothing-related expenses. Besides this basic support, parents must also cater for additional costs to cover the child’s education, visitation travels, and medical care.

The amount produced by the child support formula acts as a guideline. You can decide to pay more. However, you cannot pay less unless the court rules that it’s in the child’s best interest. All final amounts are subject to approval by a judge. The court could also adjust the amount up or down.

Because the formula is statewide, it does not require adjustments depending on location.

Calculating Your Child Support Obligation in Washington

If you wish to calculate your child support obligation:

  • Access the child support schedule on the state legislature’s website
  • Combine your and your spouse’s incomes and use the amount to determine the total child support due to the schedule.
  • Divide this total between you and your spouse in the proportions recommended by the court.

Consider parents A and B who have one child together, a combined income of $2,000, and a 60-40 proportion rate. If according to the schedule, they owe $440 in child support per month, they can divide this amount between themselves. A 60-40 split will give them a $264 and 176 obligations, respectively.

Deviation from Standard Child Support Amounts

The lowest combined income on the schedule is $1,000. If parents earn a lower amount, the court will evaluate their resources and living expenses to develop a suitable amount. The minimum child support amount is $50 and the maximum 45 percent of net income unless stated otherwise.

The court can also alter the cost allocations and formulas provided in the schedule if either parent offers a reasonable argument. It can order increases to cover specific costs, such as those related to disabled children. It can also order a reduction if the child spends equal time with both parents.

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What is the average child support payment for one child? The child support formula evaluates different factors to determine the obligation. Depending on how the elements affect your case, you could owe anything from $200 up to $3,500 per month in child support.

However, child support in the state can be complicated. If you wish to establish, enforce, or modify a child support order, you will need the help of an expert family law attorney.

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