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Traveling Spouse Divorce Rate

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Married couples often face obstacles that could potentially lead to divorce. One of the matters spouses have to deal with is frequent travel. According to estimates by HTH Worldwide, 14 million Americans go on international business trips every year. These frequent trips have been shown to take a toll on long-term relationships and marriages.

Some experts have also associated regular work and business trips with mental health issues in both the traveling and non-traveling spouse. Here, we explore the traveling spouse divorce rate in the country.

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Frequent Travel and Mental Health

The stress associated with spousal travel can impact the mental health of the non-traveling spouse. According to a study by World Bank researchers on insurance claims, spouses of frequent international travelers are more likely to suffer mental health problems than those of non-travelers.

The spouses of travelers filed 16 percent more claims than those of non-travelers between 1997 and 1998. The results tripled for people whose spouses traveled more than 4 times a year.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine published another study of the World Bank Group (WBG) staff and spouses. The results showed that close to 50 percent of the spouses and 75 percent of the staff reported high-stress levels due to business travel. The most affected groups were:

  • Female spouses
  • Younger spouses
  • Spouses with children

These findings support the claim that lengthy and regular travel negatively affects spouses and children.

How Can Frequent Travel Cause Marital Problems?

Frequent travel can take a toll on a non-traveling spouse’s mental health. The spouse might then need professional help or assistance with parental duties. Due to their frequent traveling schedule, the traveling spouse could fail to meet these needs, further stressing the non-traveling spouse and straining the marriage.

Other ways frequent traveling can affect a marriage include:

  •   Lack of family time

Frequent travel will likely leave a person exhausted. It could also weaken their immune system. Ultimately, this combination will cause them to withdraw from family time due to low energy. This could, in turn, cause a rift in the marriage.

  •   Missing out on Milestones

One of the effects of frequent travel is missing important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other family-related milestones. This can create a feeling of abandonment among all members of the family, including the children.

  •   Isolation

If the traveling partner is away for long periods, the non-traveling partner could begin to feel isolated. They might experience a distance and disconnection from their partner, which could breed contempt.

  •   Parental Responsibilities

The non-traveling spouse will likely have to handle most of the parenting responsibilities on their own. Over time, they could begin to feel overwhelmed and alone.

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The studies mentioned here confirm the negative impact of lengthy and frequent travel on marriage. It also explains the trend in traveling spouse divorce rates in the country.

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