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What Does Child Support Cover?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Divorce

The process involved in determining child support during a marriage separation or divorce is critical. It is a process that goes a long way in ensuring that the child or children in the family will continue receiving their basic needs even after the separation of their parents. Our Tacoma Divorce Attorney at Alliance Law Group has the experience and resources to ensure that your children receive adequate child support long after the completion of the divorce proceedings.

If you have been wondering what child support covers, then the lawyers at Alliance Law Group are ready to offer you the answers that you need. We have experience in handling divorce cases and ensure that all clients get fair treatment and are not exploited by the other party. We work with the attorneys from your spouse to ensure that you get fair treatment and that you do not pay what you are not supposed.

Understanding issues surrounding child support cover

Divorce and separation lawsuits can be a great source of conflict between the parents, and the situation is made even worse when they cannot agree on the child support cover. The situation further worsens when it is not clear who between the two is responsible for payments and purchases that are not included in the support payment plan. These issues make it essential to have a divorce attorney to guide you through all the legal processes that are required during divorce sessions.

States generally have different laws regarding child support, and it is, therefore, vital to understand what your state laws say about child support so that you pay what is required. A family law professional becomes very important in these kinds of situations as they can guide and educate you on the steps necessary when settling your child support case.

In many states, child support is designed to meet expenses for basic needs for children such as:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Educational costs
  • Transportation

However, some parents can channel the child support funds for expenses such as paying for a mortgage or loan, car maintenance, rent payments and other expenses that are not linked with raising of the child. This should not be considered as misuse of the child support money as they contribute to providing shelter and transportation for the children.

Are there other expenses that the child support can cover?

If the parents follow the law and provide the child support funds, it may come a time that expenses arise that were not included or is not mandated by law. Costs such as finances for holiday and extra-curricular activities will require you to increase your child support payments, but rather, you can agree with your ex-spouse on shared responsibilities.

Let us help when you have a divorce case that involves child support cover

Our lawyers at Alliance Law Group have the necessary experience and can help you determine what your child support should cover. Call our offices if you feel you are being pressured to pay what you are not legally mandated to and ensure that your divorce case ends with both parties satisfied.

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