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On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Divorce

When divorce rocks your world, divorce support groups that offer a supportive environment are something to consider joining. Talking with others in the same position as you can be helpful, as you will understand the feeling you are going through. Divorce support groups are an excellent way to get rid of the devastation, grief, and pain that divorce causes. You will get various benefits from one-on-one divorce counseling or coaching than with divorce support groups. Our Tacoma Divorce Attorney from the Alliance Law Group can help you move and grow through the distinctive dynamics of your suffering, which includes:

  • How to respond to your ex-spouse in a healthy manner
  • The history of your family and how it relates to your divorce
  • The meaning and stories you give to the breakup and marriage
  • Standardize the experiences and stages of divorce through organized classes
  • Soothe the loneliness that comes as a result of divorce by engaging you into a community of members with the same problem as you
  • Find and instill positive ways to deal with your resentment and anger
  • Reduce your sense of isolation by sharing your experiences with others
  • How to strengthen your belief in yourself and recovery

Find the right divorce support group

While you can get the benefits listed above from any divorce support group, these groups differ greatly. Below we have listed a list of questions to highlight these differences. Read through them to consider the type of group that best suits your recovery process.

Is the group more process-focused or information-focused?

You need to consider if you want more sharing and support with other group members or the safety of a classroom setting for recovery concepts and learning tools.

What is the duration?

Most support groups have a particular number of sessions (usually weekly). Some of the groups allow you to join the sessions at any time. For others, you must start the initial class with the group.

What are the expectations of attendance?

Do you need to register, or does the group allow you to join without registration? A divorce support group enhances the emotional safety and profundity by having committed and consistent group members. You must consider the benefits against the amount of freedom you require to miss some of the group meetings.

What is the price?

Does the class charge for a series of classes, a fee per session, or is it donation-based? Generally, you get what you pay for in terms of support offered and the quality of materials.

What is the facilitator’s experience?

Divorce support groups might be led by community volunteers, clergy, counselors, or therapists. So, you need to consider the amount of experience the facilitator has in helping individuals through loss and grief or leading divorce support groups.

What is the method of teaching?

Support groups teach concepts using discussion, group activities, lectures, video, and written materials. What is your preferred style of learning?

If you are having trouble choosing the right divorce support group that suits your needs, our experienced legal team at Alliance Law Group has experience in handling divorce cases and can assist you in finding the right group that best fits your situation. Contact us by calling our office numbers or through our online booking tool to learn more about our services.

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