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Collaborative Divorce in Tacoma

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Divorce

Regardless of how you see it, family and divorce matters are challenging to go through. Bills pile up, mistrust grows, and expectations of stability are exhausted. And then, legal action begins. Divorce attorneys file serious petitions, motions to compel, requests to produce, and counter petitions. Each side hires an attorney to convince the judge that he or she should spend more time with the children. There is less privacy as the life of each party is publicly questioned and probed in the effort to assist one side get a tactical advantage. But there is another more civilized way known as collaborative divorce. Our Tacoma Divorce Attorney can help you in resolving personal disputes without destroying your family.

We promote the use of collaborative divorce in family law cases like

  • prenuptial,
  • post-judgment,
  • alimony,
  • child support,
  • child custody, and
  • divorce.

Our divorce lawyers are experts in collaborative practice, and they are always there to help families solve their issues collaboratively.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

A Secretive Alternative to Courtroom Battles

All proposed settlement options, communications, and meetings that take place within the collaborative practice are confidential and private. Negotiations are held at the office of our attorney – this secretive environment allows both the attorney and the client to have a transparent, honest, and open discussion with one another. Unlike traditional dialogues, any agreement reached does not require to be filed with the clerk of any court, which assists the private lives of the spouses to stay out of public record.

A Better Family Law Option

Collaborative divorce attorneys are engaged exclusively to assist the clients in coming to an agreement. That means that the lawyers are not doing the routine opposition research to underline an opposing party’s flaws when preparing for trial, which can be destructive during the divorce process. Additionally, the attorney focuses on what is most crucial to the future well-being and happiness of the family.

A Team Approach to Family Law

The traditional model of divorce focuses on husband vs. wife and father vs. mother lawsuits. Collaborative divorce is a cool team-oriented alternative. Each party has a separate attorney whose role is to provide counsel and assist in resolving the dispute. The lawyers work collaboratively to help both parties meet their needs. The attorneys and the clients agree in advance that the matter will not be brought into a court of law until they reach an agreement.

Productive Solutions to Family Issues

Collaborative divorce allows for creative and flexible solutions to family matters. The team seeks options that focus beyond a legal context by combining the skills and expertise of the attorneys and other team members. Clients are encouraged to concentrate on the best interests of their families to accomplish their goals. Knowing that the collaborative attorneys will not bring the case to a court of law allows the parties to be honest with each other and come up with potential settlement options.

We Can Help in Collaborative Divorce

The Alliance Law Group is a leader in collaborative practice and has some of the best collaborative attorneys in Tacoma. They understand what works and what doesn’t work and have conducted research on various models of collaborative divorce that are implemented by people around the world. Therefore, rather than try to fit your case into a cookie-cutter collaborative practice, we will recommend ways to adapt a collaborative process that meets the unique needs of your family.

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