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Taking Care of Your Kids During a Divorce in Washington

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Divorce

Caring For Your Kids

Divorce is said to be hardest on the kids and this is certainly true. Parenting is hard enough when you are married but when you get divorced it becomes infinitely harder. When you and your spouse agree to get a divorce or one decides to divorce the other, one of the first things you should discuss is what will happen to your children. You should also discuss how you will deal with the effect of the divorce on the kids.

When seeking care especially for young children during your divorce proceedings, your Tacoma Divorce Attorney should be able to provide a worthy reference as they have probably dealt with such a situation before. Divorce care for kids is a very delicate issue so experience should be valued in this regard.

The court will ultimately be responsible for choosing the parent who will take care of each child (if more than one) after the conclusion of the divorce proceedings. However, if you and your spouse can agree on how to take care of your kids during this tough period, you should do so. The following are some of the most important aspects of taking care of your kids during and after a divorce.

Physical Health

The physical health of your children is very important especially if physical abuse was a major factor in the divorce. You should ensure that your kids are receiving treatment and are recovering well in such a scenario.

Divorce care for kids in this regard also concerns nutrition, exercise, and rest for your kids. You should ensure that their diet is healthy, they are getting enough activity and adequate rest so that they can maintain their health.

If you are facing financial problems, taking your kids to an organization that will adequately look after their physical health is advised.

Mental Health

The first aspect of your children’s well being you should worry about during divorce proceedings is their mental health. Unless physical abuse was a reason for ending the marriage, mental health should be prioritized. Some of the mental health issues that can affect a child during a divorce are:

The above conditions can lead to some very negative behavior. If your child is becoming more aggressive or withdrawn which will manifest itself in certain actions, you should seek help for your child.

Your child may also appear okay during a divorce but you should talk to him/her to ascertain this. Visits to a psychiatrist or counselor may help with mental health issues. Community and faith groups may also be of major assistance.


When parents split up, one of the most common issues of contention is visitation rights. The amount and quality of time children spend with each parent during this tumultuous time is vital for the care of your children.

A well-organized arrangement is a crucial component of such care. You do not want your children to feel as if they are being abandoned or thrown about between the two of you like ping pong balls.

The key to spending quality time is to remember to keep the children first and ignore your divorce woes albeit for a moment. Mental health, physical health, and visitation are the key components of divorce care for kids. You should call a Tacoma divorce attorney at 253-300-2055 for information as to centers that can help you take care of your kids during a divorce when you cannot.