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Having an Amicable Divorce When You Have Children

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Divorce

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An amicable divorce is so rare that most people consider it a myth. Indeed, partners who remain on good terms or even become friends after a divorce are an exception and not the rule.

With so many divorces involving drawn-out court battles with an attorney who capitalizes on the anger and confusion, it is difficult to even picture a peaceful split between partners. Having a good and understanding Tacoma divorce attorney is a great and necessary component for an amicable separation.

Kids are the ones most affected by divorce so separating peacefully helps them more than anyone. Remember, that kids will always know when you are just pretending so that you do not seem hostile to your partner before them. The following are some things you should keep in mind that will help you have an amicable divorce:

Don’t Assign Blame

If your divorce was truly the result of a mutual decision among spouses, then you should not assign blame. In fact, there should be no blame to assign if the divorce is truly amicable.

If your children notice that you are both taking responsibility for the split, they will have an easier time processing and accepting the divorce. It will also help if they do not have to pick sides or have to constantly hear about how bad their father or mother is.

Without blame, it will be easier to keep the family closer going forward.

Keep The Big Picture in Mind

The devil is in the details is a saying that truly applies in divorce proceedings. You will often find a couple arguing about the tiniest and most inconceivable things.

If you have children together, you should seek to end the divorce as fast and as peacefully as possible. Constantly arguing will only impede you from that goal.

Therefore, ensure you focus on your kids and the negotiations at hand. That way your kids will have a better time during even the harshest of divorces.

Negotiate in Good Faith

Unless there is an immaculate prenuptial agreement, there are always going to be negotiations in a divorce. The best way to avoid dragging your kids into a heated divorce battle is to negotiate in good faith.

For example, do not try and hide assets or understate your income during negotiations as this will only antagonize your spouse. You should put all your cards on the table so a more accurate picture can be presented.

Any information that can be presented to ease the proceedings should be presented.

Place the Needs of Your Children Above All Else

If you want to have an amicable divorce with kids, placing your children’s needs ahead of your own as a spouse is one of the best ways to do so. It will allow you to make decisions throughout your divorce that are advantageous for your children.

Keeping your kids first will influence your decision regarding child support, visitation times, and even the nature of your interactions with your spouse. The health of your children is the main focus of any negotiations in which you are involved. You should ensure that they are healthy:

  • mentally
  • physically
  • financially

Having an amicable divorce with kids is extremely difficult. If you want a divorce attorney who will take your kids into consideration, call Alliance Law Group at 253-300-2055 as soon as possible.