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Can I Use a Witness At Divorce Court in Washington?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Divorce

Should I Use a Witness Or Not?

During divorce proceedings, there are several reasons you might want to call upon a witness, and you’re usually permitted to do so. You may want to establish certain facts about you, your marital relationship, and your spouse. The best way to achieve that might be to call in other persons who can speak to your marriage issues. By bringing in at least one witness, the judge will not have to depend on your statement alone.

Bringing in a witness or not depends on various variables. An attorney will carefully assess your case and provide candid advice on how to tackle the dissolution and any specific disputes. For more information on bringing a witness to divorce court, contact Alliance Law Group to talk to a Tacoma Divorce Attorney.

Do You Require a Witness At Your Divorce Court Hearing?

For an uncontested or no-fault divorce case, you might not require witnesses at your hearing. Most times, you don’t have to provide proof of your character, because you’re not facing any allegations. The need for witnesses arises when you encounter negative accusations or are required to support a claim against your spouse.

Reasons You Might Want to Bring a Witness to Divorce Court

You may want to bring one or multiple witnesses to the divorce court for several reasons. One top reason is for a third party to serve as a character witness (somebody who knows you well). A character witness is essential if your spouse is raising questions about your:

  • morals
  • ethics
  • responsibilities

It makes sense for you to bring in this type of witness in a child custody hearing.

A second reason to call a witness to divorce court is to back any accusations you raise against your husband or wife. If you present a claim about him or her that would impact child custody or another dispute, you’ll need to have proof. Accusations that are not supported by evidence will not help your case in court. Bringing in at least one witness is one way to testify to the accusation. For instance, if you’re accusing your spouse of marital misconduct, you might call in the neighbors to detail the conduct they witnessed.

Both Parties Can Question the Witnesses

If you bring a witness to your divorce court hearing, keep in mind that your spouse’s lawyer can cross-examine him or her. Your witness will be put under oath, and then your lawyer will question them. Your attorney and the witness will have prepared for the court appearance. So, your witness will know the questions to expect and the best way to answer them.

Once your divorce lawyer is done, your spouse’s attorney has the chance to question your witness too. And, your witness must give truthful answers.

The Alliance Law Group is ready to Help with Your Divorce Case

If you are not happy in your marriage and your spouse and you have decided to part ways, you should seek legal assistance. An experienced Tacoma divorce attorney can guide you through the legal process and divorce court hearings to safeguard your best interests. At Alliance Law Group, we have numerous years of experience tackling divorces in Tacoma and other parts of Washington State. Call us at 253-300-2055 at your soonest convenience to book a free case evaluation.