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What to Wear to Divorce Court?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Divorce

When prepping for divorce court, many people forget about their attire requirements. They may assume that the judge will examine their case objectively, and just concentrate on the facts to make a decision. It’s true that a judge will maintain impartiality as much as possible. But, how you dress and your behavior in court will often influence the outcome.

Determining the future of a marriage is not a simple matter. And dressing and behaving properly may make a difference between a pleasing, mutually beneficial arrangement and a conflicting one. A Tacoma Divorce Attorney from the Alliance Law Group can guide you on what to wear to divorce court. Call us today for a free initial consultation.

What to Wear to Divorce Court for Women

Without a doubt, first impressions may be hard to overcome. Unfortunately, that’s especially true for women, because of how society tends to judge their appearance. For a divorce court hearing, a woman may have to strike a balance between self-expression and a conservative look.

Some of the things women need to consider when choosing an outfit for divorce court include:

1.      Keep Bold Colors and Patterns at a Minimum

  • Many judges will favor an austere demeanor over the latest trends in fashion. Putting on loud prints or bright colors may subconsciously influence how a woman is perceived. Hence, it is best to opt for classic patterns and neutral hues.

2.      Wear Professional Slacks or a Dress

  • Wearing professional attire emphasizes to a judge that a person is responsible and committed. Although a dress is usually recommended, slacks and an appealing button-down shirt may also work. Above all, the aim should be to appear comfortable and polished.

3.      Avoid Revealing Clothing

  • Many people believe that mothers always get custody of the children. However, putting on a low cut blouse or revealing clothes may decrease the likelihood of getting fair custody in divorce court.

4.      Stick to Classic Hairstyles

  • When it comes to hair, it is always best to follow a minimalist approach and stay away from extreme hairstyles. Natural styles or a neat updo work perfectly. All in all, one should look well-groomed and presentable.

What to Wear to Divorce Court for Men

Men also face some obstacles in choosing outfits for divorce court as well. A man that’s perceived as not being responsible or well-kempt may end up with less favorable custody or support arrangement.

Therefore, men heading to divorce court should consider the dressing tips below:

1. Wear a Suit and Tie

  • While it’s not mandatory, a well-tailored suit and tie may send a subtle message of one’s responsibility to the judge. For those who prefer to wear less formal attire, a well-ironed button-down shirt and slacks may work. Business casual is also not a bad idea in court, because it communicates respect for oneself and others.

2. Avoid Ripped Jeans or Any Other Revealing Clothes

  • Just like women, men also need to stay away from any clothing that may come out as too revealing. That includes ripped jeans and clothing that’s too tight-fitting.

3. Cover Tattoos and Piercings

Men with any body art that may seem inappropriate or extreme should cover them. Removing piercings in advance and wearing clothes that hide tattoos may remove the bias.

For more details on how to dress for divorce court, consult the lawyers at Alliance Law Group today or call 253-300-2055.