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How Much Are Divorce Papers in Tacoma, Washington?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Divorce

Making a decision to end a marriage is not easy. In addition to the emotion, fees are also a part of the divorce process. The fees vary by state and county; plus the legal fees charged by lawyers for help with the filing vary broadly. If your divorce is contested, or you have to bargain terms, the time and money required for the process will increase.

  • For more information on the potential cost of divorce papers, contact a Tacoma Divorce Attorney. You can also read below for more details.

How Much Are Divorce Papers?

When it comes to filing a divorce, many costs are involved. You might have to purchase the divorce forms you require. On the other hand, they might be available for free from a local court or downloadable from the internet. If you’re the initiator of the divorce, you’ll need to pay a fee for the service of the process. The fee covers to have somebody serve the forms on your spouse. However, you might be able to have a friend do so for free, but you’re not allowed to do it yourself.

  • After your spouse has been served with the papers, you can file the forms with a court in your county. Every county sets its own fees, but they usually range between $100 and $350. Given that you can’t afford to pay, the court might permit you to file for free. Get in touch with a local family court to access the correct papers and find out the fees.
  • The filing fee for starting the divorce only caters to the person bringing the matter. If one spouse desires to file a response document, he or she will need to pay an extra fee. When spouses are using the same resources for the divorce, it’s essential to know that two fees have to be paid.


Many people assume that filing a divorce is all that’s required, but that just starts the process. Matters such as child custody, support, division of marital assets, and debt need to be resolved before the dissolution is granted. Given that the spouses can’t come to an agreement it can take several months or a year to reach a resolution.

Important Considerations

Several other costs may be involved in the divorce in addition to the fee for the papers. If you need a lawyer to handle a complicated matter or draft agreements, you’ll incur attorney’s fees. Additionally, you might need to bring in experts to determine the worth of your property. Moreover, other expenses may come up in dividing and setting up two homes. Such costs can stay at a minimum if the spouses can cooperate and seek alternative ways to resolve differences. For instance, they can try mediation or arbitration.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, divorce is a hard, emotional experience, and it may be costly too. Many couples wishing to end their marriage don’t realize how much the process will cost and aren’t ready for the expense. However, with proper planning, the cost can be reduced significantly. Speak with one of the skilled divorce attorneys at Alliance Law Group if you are dealing with a divorce in Tacoma city. We’ll guide you through the process and advise you on the necessary fees for the divorce papers.