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Why an Attorney is Necessary when Filing for Workers’ Compensation in Washington

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Personal Injury

An Attorney Can Help You File A Claim

Injuries happen every day on Washington’s job sites. You can easily be injured by slipping and falling or by being hit by heavy equipment. Other workers suffer repetitive stress injuries that develop slowly but ultimately leave the worker disabled.

In Washington, the workers’ compensation system is not set up in a way that is employee-friendly. Instead, many injured workers admit that they are completely confused about what they should do and do not understand how to receive benefits. This is why an attorney is necessary when filing for workers’ compensation in Washington. To be sure, many of our clients are unsure of how to apply for workers’ compensation, as well as how to apply for Social Security disability in some cases.

We can help. Alliance Law Group has been helping injured workers for decades, and we can help you file your claim.

Workers’ Compensation Appeals are High Stakes

After you are injured, you should immediately seek medical care and tell your boss about the accident and your injury. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer will then review your claim to determine whether you qualify for benefits. Many people are denied. It is a common misconception that no one is denied workers’ compensation benefits. Instead, an insurer might claim that you were not injured on the job or that your injuries aren’t covered by the policy.

You have the right to appeal your initial denial, and the details for filing an appeal should be spelled out in your denial letter. However, most injured workers would benefit enormously from a lawyer’s help. For example:

  • You have a limited amount of time to request an appeal—usually 60 days. If you miss the deadline, you will probably forfeit your ability to get workers’ compensation benefits. Many people suffering from injuries can easily miss the deadline.
  • You need to gather high-quality evidence that supports your claim. This is hard for an injured person to do when they need to focus on their recovery.
  • You need to present evidence at an administrative hearing, which is like a trial. A lawyer will know how to present evidence in a way that the administrative law judge finds compelling.

If you take your chances on your own, then you should not be surprised if you lose your appeal. This would mean you wouldn’t get any workers’ compensation benefits.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Many of our clients want to know how to apply for Social Security disability. SSDI is distinct from workers’ compensation. SSDI is run by the federal Social Security Administration, which will review your claim. It can be hard to qualify for both workers’ compensation benefits and SSDI benefits since the qualifications are different.

An attorney can help you apply for SSDI as well, though many people only seek out a lawyer’s help if they have their initial claim denied. As with workers’ compensation, an attorney can help you pull together a top-notch appeal for benefits. You will need medical and other evidence that shows you meet the federal definition of permanently disabled.

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