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An Opportunity For A Fresh Start For You And Your Family

Family law cases are a far cry from seeking advice on a business formation or fighting DUI charges. These usually involve complex issues that arise from close personal relationships. These cases pertain to your loved ones, meaning you will want to place your trust in an experienced and skilled family law advocate.

Our attorneys at the Alliance Law Group, PS, in Tacoma understand that every family is different, and you may face a complicated situation. Our legal team has the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your legal rights, along with the compassion to recognize that these cases are stressful. We hope to impress upon you that, with the right representation, family law can be an opportunity and a fresh start.

Serving The Legal Needs Of Tacoma Families Since 1950

Though the name of our practice has changed over the years, our dedication to providing quality, personalized legal services in all areas of family law remains the same. Each of our clients deserves an honest, straightforward approach regarding such matters as:

  • Divorce: The process of divorce is much more streamlined when you have dedicated lawyers to help you take control of your case. We can assist by explaining your rights and options on key aspects of a divorce case, including asset division, child custody, child support and spousal support. Our family law services include support for uncontested divorces and divorce proceedings requiring litigation.
  • Asset Division: Washington State is a community property jurisdiction, which means that all income and property acquired by spouses during the marriage belong to both parties. This marital estate must be divided “equitably,” but this does not necessarily mean an even split. There are many factors to consider to ensure fairness in asset division, so don’t worry that you’ll be cutting the family car in half.
  • Spousal Support: Spousal support is about leveling the playing field financially after a divorce. Your attorneys will fight for what is legally fair under Washington law.
  • Shared Parenting and Child Support: Like many states, Washington State has moved away from the his-and-hers approach to child custody and visitation. Shared parenting is the preferred child custody arrangement because it enables children to have loving, strong relationships with both parents. Still, one parent will have financial obligations regarding child support, which is determined by a statutory formula.

Washington State law encourages parties to agree on key aspects of a divorce case, and our lawyers are by your side at the negotiation table. If a fair resolution cannot be reached through divorce negotiations, however, our divorce lawyers will represent your interests in court. Along the way, it is our goal to help you see divorce as less of an ending and more the beginning of a bright future.

Helping You With A Wide Range Of Family Law Concerns

Our family law attorneys at Alliance Law Group, PS, also offer legal representation regarding such issues as:

  • Modifications of alimony and child support
  • Changes to the shared parenting arrangement or relocation of a minor child
  • Enforcement of spousal and child support
  • Adoptions
  • Paternity

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If you have questions about a Washington State family law matter, please contact the Alliance Law Group, PS, to speak with an experienced attorney. We can schedule a consultation at our convenient University Park, Washington, offices to discuss your case and tell you more about our legal services. You can reach us by calling 253-300-2055 or by filling out our online contact form. 


“Best Attorney around

I had an extremely difficult divorce with children. She is extremely tough and thats exactly what I needed. It was scary going thru a very volatile situation and she advised me and was fabulous the entire time! I love her paralegal Jessica also! Very professional and extremely good at what they do! Thanks girls!”

-Posted by Monique

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